Thomas Kremser, CEO & Chairman
Thomas Kremser
CEO & Chairman

Thomas Kremser, the CEO of TK Poker Events, started his career as croupier at Casinos Austria (1989-1993) and a mere five years later he was well on the way building the largest poker room in Europe, the Concord Card Casino, in his hometown Vienna.

After 10 years of guiding the CCC to unprecedented success in its poker operations (1993-2003), Thomas spread his wings as an entrepreneur founding with two other partners the International Poker Federation. This was his first entrepreneurial venture (2003-2006) and a significant one in teaching him how to navigate independently as a senior manager of prestigious poker tournaments in Europe and North America (Caribbean resort venues).

In June 2006 Thomas Kremser founded and became the CEO of TK Poker Events offering poker event consulting and administrative services to offline and online casinos and card room operators and organizers worldwide.

Since 1998, Thomas has played an important role in televised poker. Initially tapped for the popular Cardiff based Late Night Poker, he has run more than 400 televised events, gaining valuable connections in this market and important insights on the development of effective television programming for poker.

His clients roster related to poker television reflects his vast experience:

Various Celebrity Poker Shows for Channel 4 & Challenge, numerous televised events like Party Poker Late Night Poker Ace & Masters, William Hill Poker Grand Prix, 888 Nations Cup, PokerStars World Cup of Poker, Party Poker St. Petersburg Poker Open, Caribbean Poker Classic in St. Kitts, Party Poker European Challenge, Interpoker University Poker Challenge, World Heads Up Poker Championship in Vienna and Barcelona, Russian Poker Tour in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Full Tilt Million Euro Challenge,...

Thomas Kremser is particularly well-known for his involvement in the start up of the European Poker Tour and as CEO of TK (the Company's shortened moniker); he served as the EPT´s Tournament Executive Director from 2004 to 2011. TK was responsible for the organization of the Great British Poker Tour, the Campeonato de Espana as well and is in charge of the Spanish Poker Tour since its inception.

Thomas has organized and administrated land based poker events all over the world including: as evidence by in Vienna, Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Leeds, Bournemouth, Teeside, Bristol, Barcelona, Tarragona, Vilamoura, Aranjuez, Sevilla, Castellon, Canarias, Peralada, Madrid, Torrequebrada, Murcia, Mallorca, San Remo, Copenhagen, Deauville, Monte Carlo, Dortmund, Warsaw, Tallinn, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cyprus, Singapore, Goa, on cruise ships, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Bahamas. And this is only a representative list of competitions organized and overseen by TK Poker Events. Stay tuned for a bright future associated with Thomas Kremser as CEO and steward of TK Poker Events.