EPT Grand Final
Poker is a global phenomenon

Players from all around the world, men and women, amateurs, professionals and enthusiasts from all walks of life are meeting up at the poker tables to compete against each other for a piece of the ever increasing prizes being offered at the prestigious tournaments that TK endorses and oversees.

TK Poker Events has stepped up to the plate in meeting the two great challenges of a poker tournament - impeccable organization and uncompromised devotion to insuring the integrity of the game. Thomas Kremser sets the example for the worldwide poker tournament director community by assuring that his personnel team applies the same rules to all players and treat all costumers fairly and with respect.

With qualified team members from over 15 different countries who share Thomas' core values, TK Poker Events has earned the trust of organizers and players alike. Whether it is planning, personnel recruiting, collaboration with venues or the direction of a tournament, TK team members know they will have the benefit of expert management supervision and so will you.

We often like to say about TK:

"One makes it straight and the team makes it great."