With Thomas Kremser at the helm of TK Poker Events, clients are assured of expert tournament operations and card room cash games. Thomas' hand picks his elite management, dealer and floor staff for each tournament, based upon the needs of the venue and the events planned. We can provide you with as large a complement of meticulously trained team members as necessary for the most complex events. Dealers, Floor Managers and Tournament Directors, they all have been working in the poker business for years and they are known as the best in the business.

But there is more to a successful poker tournament than just qualified staff. Good tournament structures, easy and fast registration and smoothly working hardware and software are justa few more points to be considered. These issues are second nature to Thomas and his personnel team representatives that serve at the most prestigious tournaments and special poker events around the world.

    EPT Monte Carlo
    Feature table of the EPT Monte Carlo with the tournament action in the background

    To learn more about the services TK Poker Events can provide for you,  please check the list below. For any further questions or details please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Marina Kremser, President of TK Poker Events
    Marina Kremser
    President of TK Poker Events
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