Special Services

TK Poker Events is committed to fulfilling client's wishes to every extent practicable. With all of our experience and our worldwide network of sources and connections in the poker business, we enjoy meeting challenges that others might find impossible to handle.

We look forward to your contacting TK Poker with inquiries about special services:


  •  Looking for a strong partner to host a tournament?

           We probably know someone and broker such collaborations.


  •  You have found the right location but don't know about the legal issues?

           Together we will evaluate the issues and then TK will reach out for     

           the right professionals, as necessary to assure compliance...


  •  You are planing a poker tournament under water?

           We will treat your inquiries seriously and we will report promptly    

           and truthfully on what is in the realm of possibility.


  •  You want chips, cards and buttons with your cat on it?

           Uncommon, but not undoable; we will go to the ends of the earth to

           find viable solutions.


Thomas Kremser, CEO & Chairman
Thomas Kremser, CEO & Chairman, ready for the action